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Howard Faerber

Dear Christian Friends,

The Bible reading for April is:
Week beginning April 6:
Psalms 43 – 47;
Week beginning April 13:
Psalms 48 – 52;
Week beginning April 20:
Psalms 53 – 57;
Week beginning April 27:
Psalms 58 – 62.

The March 2014 issue of Christian Standard was especially good. The theme of the entire issue was "The Christians Only Challenge." There are observations shared by a number of Restoration preachers in an article "Ships in the Night?" Below is a portion from two of those preachers:

VICTOR KNOWLES: A popular YouTube clip among Christian church/church of Christ leaders shows Francis Chan, a well-known Evangelical leader, pointing out that God never says to raise your hand or walk down an aisle to be saved. "What he proscribed was repent and be baptized," said Chan. (Acts 2:37-38).

BOB RUSSELL: Bob recounts a conversation with one Baptist leader who wondered: "Are you baptismal regenerations?" Russell replied, "No. We are saved by grace through faith. But where you put the sinner's prayer, we put baptism." After that brief exchange, "The light seemed to go on for this man and he understood our position much better," Russell said.

In the March 2014 Christian Standard, there are quotes from eleven Restoration preachers in another article entitled "Which Do You Perceive as the Bigger Danger?" I was especially interested in the views of Dusty Rubeck, president of Dallas Christian College. He wrote:

My concern really comes down to the lack of biblical knowledge. I would have to say that in the U.S., we probably have more Bibles sitting on bookshelves of Christians gathering dust than the rest of the world has for all of its church leaders combined. It's a scandal. It's the scandal of the unused Bible. It's the scandal of the unknown Bible. It's the scandal of the unread Bible.

In yet another article from that same issue entitled "A Phrase for Today?" Paul Blowers, church history professor at Emmanuel Christian Seminary, has an interesting conclusion. The phrase he is writing about is that motto early Restoration leaders used and one which is still used by many Christian churches: "We are not the only Christians but Christians only." He writes:

Maybe we should consider altering our historic slogan a bit: "We're not the only Christians, but through faith, hope, and love we are striving perpetually to become Christians only." By grace we may yet share with other Christian sisters and brother, at the end of time, in the beauty and wholeness of the perfected bride of Christ.

Best wishes,
     Howard Faerber, Minister

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